Kickball Rules

Kickball Rules

Roster - Due by your first game time.
If the roster has not been received by game-day staff by your first game time, your game will be forfeit.

The 2010 WAKA Rule Book will govern play with the following exceptions

The full version of the WAKA Rule Book is available at

Game Balls

a. The official kickball is the red WAKA Logo Kickball, measuring 10 inches in diameter

Game length

a. Regulation games last seven (7) innings

    i.                 b. An inning will NOT start after the 50 minute time limit has ended

Roster Rules

a. While fielding, each team may have a maximum of ten (10) players on the field (including a pitcher and catcher)

b. A team can also play with 9 or 8 players in the field.
i. 8 is the minimum to start the game and finish the game to avoid forfeit

c. A team must have an equal number of males and females in the field of play
i. If a team has nine (9) players on the field, 5 must be female

Batting Order Rules

a. A team may have as many kickers as they wish in the batting order

b. The batting order must ALWAYS alternate between male and female kickers
i. Example: If you have 5 females and 8 males on your roster, you may bat them all but it must be in an order similar to this: M1, F1, M2, F2, M3, F3, M4, F4, M5, F5, M6, F1, M7, F2, M8, F3

Scoring Rules

a. In the first four (four) innings, the maximum number of runs that can be scored is 10 (ten)
i. In the 5th-7th innings, there is no limit on how many runs can be scored

b. A mercy rule will  come into effect if one team leads a game by 15 runs or more after 4 innings of play

c. A mercy rule will come into effect if one team leads a game by 10 runs or more after 5 or 6 innings of play

Courtesy runner rule

a. One “courtesy runner” may be used per inning
i. The “courtesy runner” must be the last kicker that has gotten out

County Policies

a. The Johnson County Park and Recreation District reserves the authority to forfeit any game in which an infraction of league rules has been committed.

b. The Johnson County Park and Recreation District reserves the right to remove any player from competition for the entire season for directing harmful or abusive language at officials, league supervisors, or individuals of the opposing teams and for unsportsmanlike conduct of any variety.

c. All personnel employed by Johnson County Park and Recreation District to officiate and supervise games in all leagues have the authority to evict players from the game, from the bench or to stop and forfeit game to the opposition, if, in their opinion, any league rule is abused.

Complex Rules

a. No pets may be brought into the complex at any time
i. Anybody who brings a pet may be asked to leave by JCPRD staff

b. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into or out-of the park at any time
i. Both actions will result in a fine from Park Police

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